Knife & Cutlery Sharpening Services

Make your dull knives a thing of the past with knife sharpening services from Povinelli Cutlery in Cheektowaga, NY. We can make even the dullest knives sharper than they’ve ever been before for the perfect cut. Our business started in 1890 to help other businesses, like yours. You can choose mail-in knife sharpening services or drop them off at our local storefront!

When your business needs a cutlery sharpening company to turn to, look no further than us. We sharpen meat grinding knives, plates, deli slicer blades and scissors to name a few. We even take our work outside of the kitchen by sharpening lawnmower blades, manual garden tools, axes and more.

We not only sharpen knives, but we sell them, too. You can find the best razor sharp knives through our Professional Knife Sharpening Program, from all the best brands.
Dull Knife Sharpening Services | Povinelli Cutlery

Sales & Repairs 

When you choose Povinelli Cutlery, you’ll gain access to the top-of-the-line flatware, commercial smallwares, fine cutlery, food processors, meat grinders, deli slicers, bandsaws and manual food processing equipment. Choose from the most recognized brands in the industry, such as Dexter-Russell, Wüsthof, Forschner, Robot Coupe, Nemco, Univex, Biro and many others.

We Fix What’s Broken 
We also fix KitchenAid mixers, deli slicers, bandsaws, meat grinders and many other pieces of manual food processing equipment. Don’t let your restaurant, deli or grocery store suffer due to broken or malfunctioning equipment; call us right away for prompt repairs!
Call us today to schedule your knife sharpening or repair service. 
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